TransVolve’s Mission

The TransVolve approach to personal skill development combines techniques from classical music performance, professional sport, movement arts, meditation, nutrition, pedagogy, neuroscience, biohacking, information technology, philosophy and business. We unite these diverse techniques with a philosophy based on continual self-improvement and a passion for the joyful act of learning, coaching, and teamwork.

We believe that the accelerated learning industry will be one of the biggest boom industries of the modern era.  TransVolve’s goal is to expand the boundaries of human achievement with our unique fusion of complementary technologies and traditions while we give our clients a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving world.

Great learning is change.  It is a deliberate, progressive, goal focused, and enjoyable evolution towards continually expanding goals of personal and group achievement.   As the pace of the modern world accelerates one must accelerate one’s learning abilities or be left behind.  We invite you to transform the quality of your life’s work with TransVolve.

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Joshua MacCluer


Joshua MacCluer is a versatile performer and coach in demand worldwide as a performing musician in a wide range of styles, educator, performance coach, producer and arranger. He is currently the Principal Trumpet of the Hong Kong Philharmonic and was previously a member of the Saint Louis Symphony for 9 years. Josh has has also held principal trumpet positions with the Colorado Symphony, Baltimore Symphony. As a soloist he has performed with the Hong Kong Philharmonic, Saint Louis Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Colorado Symphony, and others. Joshua released his solo album Elevation in 2014. Equally comfortable in a concert hall or smoky jazz club, Josh has performed in 23 countries in many styles. As a music producer he has produced 5 albums in classical, electronic, jazz, Latin and rock music.

Joshua is a highly respected educator and music coach who has trained many current successful professionals. A faculty member at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, Josh’s trumpet coaching focuses on isolating individual essential skills, practicing with perfect form and repeating successfully perfected elements, resulting in consistent everyday improvement. Sound, ease, simplicity of technique, consistency, and focus are reflected daily in his coaching and playing.

Josh is also a leading coach of peak performance in music. Incorporating techniques from many diverse yet interrelated areas, he approaches training for performance in its complete form. Excellence in performance comes from looking for every possible technique to maximize the efficiency, speed, and permanence of performance training. As Director of Peak Performance Coaching at TransVolve Accelerated Learning, Josh is passionate about finding the optimal philosophy, techniques, and technology for learning and mastery of top performance.

Please visit Josh's website at

Marc Gelfo


Marc Gelfo is a multidisciplinary French hornist and teacher. Formally trained as a cognitive scientist and programmer, after two years at studying music at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music he won his first full-time symphony French Horn position. In 2014, after six seasons with the Hong Kong Philharmonic, Marc returned to America to pursue the next stage in his career as a performer and as a coach who uses movement arts, learning sciences, and mindfulness to help other musicians. Marc has performed with the San Francisco Symphony, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfonica de Navarra, and other ensembles around the world. He currently plays principal horn in the Florida Grand Opera and Palm Beach Symphony.

Marc began his computer programming career at the age 8. Studying cognitive science at Northwestern University provided a natural extension into linguistics, artificial intelligence, learning sciences, and philosophy of mind. Today Marc aspires to produce academic-level research in music learning. In Hong Kong, Wing Chun kung fu and yoga became important influences. In the last few years, Marc has been exploring meditation and other spiritual technologies. He hopes to share the joys and benefits of holistic music learning and blogs on these topics at his website, “Practice Living Music”, at

Andrea Stevens


Andrea began her professional career working in large hospitals such as the Cleveland Clinic, New York University Hospital, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Later in her career she became interested in the role of nutrition as a less invasive way to prevent and heal disease. Andrea earned a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport, and is board-certified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She runs a clinical practice specializing in digestive system and immune dysfunction, and currently serves as the clinical nutritionist for The Family Hope Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Visit to learn more about Andrea.
Brian Hankey


After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance at Drexel University, Brian began his professional career working in the finance departments of several Fortune 500 companies. In 2007 he was transferred to Switzerland to assist in the post merger integration of a recently acquired Swiss manufacturing company. Shortly after earning his MBA at the University of St Gallen in Switzerland, Brian chose to leave the corporate world and pursue entrepreneurship. Since 2009 he has worked as a management consultant in Europe and Asia. In 2012 he co-founded Cranial Ink, an IT consulting and software development company.
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Practice LAB promises to be a tool to advance any professional or aspiring professional musician to a level they have never accomplished. I have had a close personal relationship with the leadership team for many years now, and I am very excited they are coming together to share their expertise on how to perform at a peak level that you have never dreamed possible. Joshua MacCluer is one of the most talented and smart working musicians I have ever met. His mastery of all genres has been achieved through hard but most importantly smart work. His understanding of the brain and how to get it to work at it's maximum potential will benefit everyone. Andrea Stevens is a top-flight nutritionist that will get everyone fueled with the best nutrients the body needs to maximize this brain and musical potential. Brian Hankey is a businessman of the world and can help you learn how to maximize your exposure to the public. I only wish I had the time this year to attend Practice Lab. Everyone could use this jump start on their mind, body, and spirit to maximize their full potential as a human. If you are looking for the next level of life; don't miss this opportunity.
Aaron McCalla, Principal Tuba, Naples Philharmonic
May, 2014