Personalized individual performance coaching

For the ambitious performer intent on taking their performance above and beyond their current mastery, TransVolve offers personalized coaching in person and/or via the Internet.  We use a holistic approach combining goal identification, neuroscience, diet, physical and mental conditioning, movement patterns, time management, performance measurement, martial arts and interpersonal skills.  Our performance coaching guarantees new levels of achievement no matter what your discipline.

Transvolve personalized coaching incorporates the following techniques:

Performance Measurement– What cannot be measured can not be effectively be improved. Coaching begins with the accurate identification of the most important hard and soft skills for performance and assessment of personal aptitude at those skills.

Goal Setting– Without a clear idea of small and large goals, achieving highly effective practice is impossible. We coach the setting of clearly defined goals and the integration of long term goals with today’s activities.

Practice Organization– Top performers are not those who train the most, they are those who train the smartest. Time is money, and any time spent training without tangible measurable improvement is time wasted. We coach to treat every minute of training as a valuable opportunity, and to cut out all the unnecessary wastes of time, willpower, and mental and physical energy.

Diet, Nutrition, and Supplementation– The mind and body are tremendously effective tools but only if given the proper fuel and raw materials to construct and maintain. With the help of clinical nutritionist Andrea Stevens we will design you a diet, nutrition and supplement plan optimal to training, skills retention, focus, energy, and positive mood.

Physical Conditioning– Physiologically the demands on top performers are extremely similar to professional athletes. Time spent in functional physical conditioning work is necessary for any great performer and brings with it improvement in all life activities. Our coaching incorporates work in chigong, yoga, exercise, martial arts, stretching and movement designed to get the body to work as a unit helping a performer reach their goals.

Mental Conditioning– The human brain is capable of astounding feats if trained properly. Conversely if trained improperly the mind can be the greatest enemy of a performer as fear, doubt, distraction and impulsiveness can destroy the best planned performance. We coache how to condition the mind for peak performance through meditation, visualisation, brain training games, supplementation, and the creation of positive thought habits.

Rest and Recovery– While good training is naturally essential to performance success, when we train we are stressing the body and mind. The time we actually build the new and improved version of ourselves is actually at night during sleep. Therefore the quality and quantity of rest and recovery cannot go unexamined in a peak performer’s training regimen. We uses various techniques to measure and improve the quality of rest and recovery, including sleep and energy journaling, stress management, biofeedback technology, and light control.

Biohacking– Arguably the most interesting topic we are exploring is biohacking. Simply put, the human body and brain is deeply programmed to respond best to certain conditions, and with modern techniques and understanding of the brain and body we can learn to hack into the brain’s programming and get extremely expedited results. We are excited to continue to explore this fascinating topic.

Relationships and Teamwork– A good team is invaluable for keeping a performer on task, motivated and engaged in the process of training for performance. Conversely, the wrong personal associations or poorly trained interpersonal skills is toxic for peak performance. Both primary and secondary connections are essential for success in almost all fields, therefore we teach skills essential for developing good personal relationships in business and in private life

Please contact us if you are interested in using TransVolve coaching to help you achieve your next level of performance.